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The 'End the suffering of besieged civilians in Syria' campaign is now closed.

End the suffering of besieged civilians in Syria

Three years after the beginning of the current crisis in Syria, around 250.000 civilians are living under siege across the country. Many are enduring appalling conditions in their struggle to survive. Most live in areas besieged by Syrian government forces and have been effectively confined for a year or more in areas being bombed and shelled on a regular basis. In other areas, civilians have come under siege from armed opposition forces who have blocked the delivery of much-needed supplies. Their situation is desperate. They lack food, medical supplies and fuel. Some have resorted to killing and eating cats and dogs. The UN Security Council belatedly has addressed the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Syria by demanding the immediate lifting of “sieges of populated areas”. But so far, the parties to the conflict are not doing enough to end the suffering of civilians.

Photo: Civilians clean a street from rubble of damaged buildings at the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, south of Damascus. © REUTERS/Mohamad Mohamad



On the third anniversary of conflict, let us stand #WithSyria

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