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Around 1.8 billion young people worldwide are at risk of having their sexual and reproductive rights ignored. Call on world leaders today.

We all have the right to make decisions about our own health, body, sexuality and reproductive life without fear, coercion or discrimination. But all over the world, people are punished – by the state, medical professionals, their own families – for making these decisions, or prevented from making them at all.

What's more, despite commitments made nearly 20 years ago at the International Conference on Population and Development, many of the 1.8 billion young people worldwide still struggle to access the sexual and reproductive health services, information and education they need for a safe and healthy life. Our sexual and reproductive rights are at risk in future if world leaders fail to keep their promises.

This year, world leaders will meet to discuss progress on sexual and reproductive health and rights, and the future they hope to create. Sign now and urge them to stand up for the health and human rights of young people everywhere.

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World Leaders, United Nations Permanent Representatives and International Organizations

All over the world, hundreds of social movements, including millions of young people, are demanding justice. Local, national and international activists are speaking out, calling for the meaningful participation of young people, including young women, in all areas of public life; for their full access to information, education and livelihoods; and for fulfilment of their human rights, including sexual and reproductive rights.

We ask for YOUR sustained action and accountability to prioritize the health and human rights of young people, particularly young women and adolescent girls, in the ICPD+20 and post-2015 development agenda and beyond, including:

Universal access to quality, comprehensive, integrated sexual and reproductive health services, counselling, and information, with respect for human rights, and with an emphasis on equality, equity and diversity. Comprehensive sexuality education and other programs that empower young people to know their bodies and to exercise their human rights. Young women’s leadership at all levels and in all types of decision-making processes that affect their lives. Respect, promotion and protection for sexual and reproductive rights.

We are the present and the future of our communities, nations and the world. We are counting on you to do the right thing.