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Photo: Rasul Kudaev, before and after his arrest and torture in 2005 © Amnesty International

No to confessions through torture in Russia

Take a stand against the widespread use of torture in Russia that is used to extract confessions and testimony. Call on the Russian authorities to effectively investigate the torture inflicted on Rasul Kudaev.

Torture and other ill-treatment is absolutely prohibited under Russian and international human rights law.

Despite this, there are reports that torture and other inhuman and degrading treatment is routinely used by law enforcement officials, including for the purposes of gaining “confessions” or to incriminate other suspects in a criminal case. In most cases, no effective investigation is conducted and the perpetrators enjoy near-total impunity.

Torture in Russia must be stopped. Sign the petition below to stand up for Rasul against this abuse.

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Aleksei Nikolaevich Tsukanov, Head of Directorate of the Prosecutor General's Office for SKFO

Rasul Kudaev, a former Guantanamo Bay detainee released in 2004 without charges, was arrested on 23 October 2005 on suspicion of participating in an armed group attack targeting government buildings in the city of Nalchik, Russian Federation. After he was taken into custody, police allegedly tortured him in an effort to extract a “confession”. Eyewitness testimony, photographs and medical documents support these allegations of torture while Rasul Kudaev has always maintained his innocence.

Confessions allegedly obtained under torture might become the basis of the judgment which would violate the right to a fair trial enshrined in international law as well as Russia’s own Constitution. Despite several complaints with the Prosecutor’s Office, the investigation into his alleged torture has been rejected. In addition, the court is also considering confessions made by other detainees accusing Rasul, despite these confessions having been later retracted by the detainees themselves claiming they had also been extracted under torture.

The trial of Rasul Kudaev is coming to a close this year. It is not too late to restore justice. Please act now and sign the petition urging the Head of the Directorate of the Prosecutor General’s Office for North Caucasus to:

  • Ensure that the allegations of use of torture during pre-trial investigation against Rasul Kudaev and other defendants in the Nalchik case are taken into account when assessing evidence at the concluding stage of the trial.
  • Order impartial, effective and independent investigations into these allegations, and identify and bring all those responsible to justice.

We believe that such actions will be instrumental for strengthening Russian criminal justice system and addressing impunity of law enforcement agencies for human rights violations. This, in its turn, will contribute to achieving higher stability and security in the North Caucasus.

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