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Photo: Romani children playing outside their home in a poor neighbourhood of Marseille, France, 2010 © Juan Pablo Gutiérrez

We urge you to stand up where governments are failing. Call on the EU to step in to end the discrimination the Roma face on a daily basis.

Every year, thousands of Roma are forced from their homes. In many countries, their children are placed in segregated schools with substandard education. They are denied jobs and face poor health care. They are victims of hate violence and often left unprotected by the police. All of this because they are Roma.

This is happening because EU member states are failing to enforce EU anti-discrimination law. Instead, they are adopting discriminatory policies that target the Roma or allowing for discrimination to go unchecked. This must end now. The European Commission has the responsibility, the obligation and the tools to ensure compliance with EU law and fight against the discrimination and violence that Roma face.

Join us in calling on the EU Commissioner Viviane Reding to take stronger action to guarantee the compliance of member states with EU anti-discrimination law and uphold human rights for all.

Human Rights must be guaranteed regardless of ethnicity. Take action to end discrimination.

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Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner on Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship

Roma across Europe – 6 million in the EU – are the largest and most disadvantaged minority in the region.

Thousands of Roma are forced to live in informal settlements; they are forcibly evicted from their homes, and, if not left homeless, are resettled in inadequate conditions. Each year, thousands of Roma children are segregated in schools offering inferior education. Many Roma are denied access to jobs and quality health care. They are victims of racially motivated violence, often left without police protection or access to justice.

This is not a coincidence. It is the result of widespread discrimination and racism facing Roma across Europe.

Many EU member states fail to enforce, in policy and practice, not just international human rights standards, but also EU anti-discrimination law. The European Commission has the competence, responsibility and obligation to ensure compliance with this law and fight against the discrimination facing Roma.

The EU prides itself on being founded on the principles of liberty, democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. This continues to ring hollow while millions of Roma are denied their basic human rights due to discrimination.

I urge you to use all your powers, including sound legal monitoring and political pressure, to guarantee the compliance of EU member states with EU anti-discrimination law and uphold equal rights for all.