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The action "End forced evictions in Romania" is now closed.



Photo: World Habitat Day (WHD) public action in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, organized jointly by Amnesty International, local NGOs and representatives of Romani communities affected by forced evictions. 3 October 2011 © Joshua Gross, Joshua Tree Photography

We urge you to stand up where the Romanian government is failing. Call on the Prime Minister of Romania to put an end to forced evictions.

The right to adequate housing is a human right that everyone is entitled to without discrimination. However, in Romania, the right to housing is not adequately protected in the current legislation.

This affects everybody in Romania, especially the poorest and most disadvantaged. Roma are disproportionately affected. They are denied their right to adequate housing and subjected to continuing poverty, insecurity and social exclusion as a result.

Despite Romania’s obligations under international and regional human rights standards to protect the right to adequate housing for all, Roma and others living in informal settlements remain vulnerable to forced evictions.

In the past decade, numerous Romani communities have been forcibly evicted and relocated next to garbage dumps, sewage treatment plants or industrial areas, on the outskirts of cities. Such human rights violations have tremendous emotional and social impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities who are constrained to face a daily challenge of being denied an equal place in society.

Romanian authorities must put an end to forced evictions and should bring its national legal framework on housing in line with international and regional human rights standards with no further delay.

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Prime Minister, Victor Ponta, Bucharest, Romania

Housing is a human right and everyone should enjoy it without discrimination! It is clearly defined in international human rights law to which Romania has subscribed. However, Romanian law and practice in this area fall far behind international human rights standards.

Across Romania, Roma and others living in informal housing are subjected to unlawful forced evictions and threats of forced evictions. They are often left homeless; they are racially segregated and relocated in inadequate housing conditions, without local authorities being held accountable for the human rights violations due to the gaps in the national legislation.

I urge you to take action and ensure that everyone is allowed to live in dignity. Protect the right to adequate housing in the national legislation, stop unlawful forced evictions and provide protection to all people, including Roma.